EISA Bus Extender.... Bus Isolation and Wearout extenders....

Picture of EISAIX32

EISAIX32 is an uniquely designed Bus Isolation Extender for the EISA Bus. It features on-board single toggle switch or remote TTL power and signal isolation control for automated testing. It has over voltage protection, fused power lines, prototype area, right angle configuration and etc. It also allows voltage margin and current measurement. The EISAIX32 is built with high quality components on a multilayer board. The extender is manufactured in the USA with one year warranty. It can be ordered with standard configuration or with an additional EISA connector at right angle (-T). The dimension of the EISAIX32 is 8.1" L x 4.6" H. EISAIX32 Specification

Picture of EISASX4

EISASX4 is a wearout extender designed to go on top of the EISAIX32 extender. It is a short and low cost extender designed to be worn out after about 1000 times of insertion. Its purpose is to prolong the life of the connector on the EISAIX32. It is strongly recommended in heavily used environment. It can also be used to prevent the I/O board gold fingers from damage, when the I/O boards are used to test the motherboards repeatedly. The dimension is 6.7" L x 1.3" H.

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